Drum builders—order your unfinished cast aluminum snare shells and hoops here.

8x14" Seamless Cast Aluminum Drum Shell


8x14" (or other depths shown below ) Cast Aluminum Unfinished Shell with a .250" (1/4") wall thickness. This shell is cast with 356 aluminum and is hardened to a T-6 condition. Then it is machined to perfect tolerance. Casting and machining the shell creates a seamless design which ensures the shell will be perfectly round giving the drum a clean machined surface ( A machined surface may have some machine lines, scuffs or scratches ) and making it ready for any finish you want to apply. Casting and machining a perfectly round and seamless drum gives you a pure and slightly drier sound with less overtones. Oh yeah, did we mention it's cast and machined here in the U.S.A.?


4x14", 4.5x14", 5x14", 5.5x14", 6x14", 6.5x14", 7x14", 7.5x14", 8x14"

14" "Basher" Seamless Cast Aluminum Hoop Set


14" Cast Aluminum Snare Drum Hoops (pair). These hoops are cast in 356 aluminum and hardened to a T-6 condition. They come machined with the top edges rounded over and a counter cut on the bottom to hide the hoop of the drum head. The snare side hoop has a 2" gate milled out on both sides for the throw off strap to pass though. They have a clean machined surface ( A machined surface may have some machine lines, scuffs or scratches ) allowing you to apply any finish you desire. These hoops are great if your looking to add that "crack" to your snare drum.  

Aluminum Tube Lug Spacer


Aluminum Tube Lug Spacer, This spacer fits under a vintage tube lug lifting it away from the shell allowing perfect alignment with the claw and the tension rod. The aluminum alloy used on the spacers is 6061-T6.