Providing cast aluminum drum shells and hoops for the drum building industry. 

American Cast Shells was created out of necessity. David Pimentel a long time drum builder and owner of Spaun Drum Company Inc. was getting frustrated with the fact that finding cast shells in the United States was near to impossible. So in 2013 he set out to create the perfect cast shell himself! He spent many months doing research and learning about the casting process, speaking to experts in the sand casting field and applying it to the drum industry. Being a drummer for over 30 years and building drums for almost 20, he had a pretty good idea of what type of sound he was looking for. David studied machining, and worked as a machinist for many years on the east coast. So, when it came time to look for a machine shop, he didn't settle on the first one he contacted. The machining process is crucial to the final look and sound of the drum, "It needs to be perfect".

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